Why Robotic Mowers Are Revolutionizing Landscape Maintenance

Why Robotic Mowers Are Revolutionizing Landscape Maintenance

Robotic mowing is poised to revolutionize landscape maintenance and lawn care as most people currently know it.

Get ready to say goodbye to air and noise pollution, scheduling challenges, and equipment hassles.

In addition to the obvious labor-saving features, robotic mowers are safer, quieter, and therefore, a greener solution to residential lawn care.

How Robotic Mowers Work

Robotic mowers are battery-powered computers that can be automated to work on any schedule. This gives them a number of benefits over traditional mowers.

During early spring when moisture is abundant they can be set to mow daily or nightly. That’s right, their whisper-quiet motors make them barely audible.

There’s another benefit to their tireless nature. Mowing frequently creates micro-sized grass clipping that returns valuable organic matter and useful elements such as nitrogen back to the soil. This completely eliminates a time-consuming and wasteful activity in an environmentally friendly way.

You can see that robotic mowers seem to aimlessly wander about cutting the grass. This is intentional and part of their learning process.

Imagine yourself stepping into a completely dark room and needing to navigate your way through it. You too will wander about until you encounter an obstacle. You may touch it a time or two to understand and remember its qualities.

This is what your robotic mower is doing. Every movement teaches it to be more efficient. It’s an interesting dance to observe. This is one reason why many new robotic mower homeowners find themselves pulling up a chair to watch that show.

Safe For Families and Pets

Anyone that has used a traditional lawnmower knows they demand your respect. These machines have powerful engines that contain flammable fuel and oils and get extremely hot during operation.

The blades are heavier than a large wrench and rotate at up to 3000 rpm. If they pick up a bolt or similar object it can be propelled in any direction just like a bullet. The dangers of a hand or foot coming into contact with those blades are too many to mention.

It turns out robotic lawnmowers are built with a vastly different technology that reduces the risk of injury. They have collision, tilt, and lift sensors which cause the mower to stop the blades in a fraction of a second should their normal balance be upset.

If you tilted a robotic mower you would see that the blades are a fraction of the size of traditional steel mower blades. Unlike standard mower blades, they are also positioned well within the housing. While both machines do the same work the lighter, computer-based robotic mowers have safety built into them.

Choosing The Right Robotic Mower

As you now know robotic mowers are computers. Some will be inclined to geek out on the many available features. However, most will simply want to choose a mower that works well for their property and the needs of the respective needs of the family.

There are robotic mowers designed for small city lots and quite a few for larger properties of an acre or more. Robotic mowers are battery-powered, so that is a logical feature to consider when matching it to your property. If there are slopes involved it would be smart to upsize the unit.

The configuration of your property may also be a factor. It may be best to invest in a couple of smaller mowers for some larger or oddly shaped properties that one specifically designed for that total square footage.

We know you want to make a smart investment. Metro Lawns is trained to guide you through that process. We’ll understand your objectives and show you how to choose a robotic mower with the right options.

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