Clean Up

Clean Up is a service we offer for one-time visits. 

It includes our traditional landscape maintenance services.

  • Mowing: All agreed upon turf areas.
  • Blowing: Removing clippings from paved surfaces and patios and dispersing clippings on turf areas where needed.
  • Weedeating: Use of string trimmer to cut grass inaccessible to mower ie around posts.
  • Edging: Use of edger or string trimmer to cut grass along border of paved areas.
  • Light pruning: Use of shears to prune shrubs, ground cover and for trees up to 8′.
  • Leaf removal: Removal of leaves during the Fall season.

Additional services such as fertilization and weed control, mulching, and plant installation are available directly from a trusted Metro Lawns industry partner.

This is a great way to try out Metro Lawns. 

Connect with Metro Lawns today to sign up.