Services/ Area Map

We provide all basic lawn maintenance tasks and include the following:

Mowing: All agreed upon turf areas.

Blowing: Removing clippings from paved surfaces and patios and dispersing clippings on turf areas where needed.

Weedeating: Use of string trimmer to cut grass inaccessible to mower ie around posts.

Edging: Use of edger or string trimmer to cut grass along border of paved areas.

Light pruning: Use of shears to prune shrubs, ground cover and for trees up to 8′.

Leaf removal: Removal of leaves during the Fall season.

Clean ups: Includes all the above services in order to restore the grounds to an easily maintainable condition.

Additional services such as fertilization/weed control, mulching,
plant installation are available from a third party, not Metro Lawns

Give us a little information about your needs and we will do the rest!

We do our best work when our client says:
"You guys do what you think is best, I trust you because I know you do good work and you come highly recommended."