Terms and Service Provisions

All labor, materials, equipment, supervision and workers' compensation and general liability insurance will be furnished by Metro Lawns, Inc. Metro Lawns will not be liable for loss or damage to plant material, turf or property, or persons caused by:

  1. Persons not employed by Metro Lawns.
  2. Acts of nature such as lightning, hail, wind, freeze, flood, drought, etc.
  3. Animals such as dogs, moles, rabbits, chipmunks, etc.
  4. Any damage not related to services or not caused by the neglect of Metro Lawns.
  5. Hidden obstructions in turf. 

Metro Lawns will not be liable for plant material, trees or turf that die due to insect or disease problems. 

Metro Lawns provides the Client with six trial visits to insure work meets expectations. After the sixth visit, a $25.00 one time administrative fee will be due though the charge may be placed on the initial invoice. The client moves from temporary to regular status and all client information is then updated and adjusted accordingly. 

In the event that Metro Lawns, Inc. files a legal proceeding for the purpose of collecting unpaid, then Client agrees and consents to pay all reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs that are incurred by Metro Lawns, Inc. that result from such filing and prosecution of the legal proceeding. 

PAYMENT: Invoice sent towards end of month via email for services performed that month and is due according to the terms of the invoice. Paper invoices sent at the customer's request in lieu of an email invoice results in an additional $2.00 monthly charge. Check is the preferred payment. Many clients contact their bank to make automatic withdrawals or provide Metro Lawns with a credit card that is automatically charged on the 8th of each month.

SCHEDULE: Visits are scheduled for each month with the more time spent on the property Mar-Dec, less time in Jan-Feb.

CANCELLATION: Either party may cancel for any reason. Clients are to send an email at least 2 days prior to the next scheduled service date and will receive an acknowledgement from Metro Lawns. Offering the reason for the cancellation is encouraged and appreciated. 

ONE-TIME CLEANUPS: This service requires a deposit of 50% (via website) and the balance due within 5 days of completion of work.