Robotic Mowing

Robotic mowers are poised to revolutionize lawn care as we've come to know it. 

Get ready to say goodbye to air and noise pollution, scheduling challenges, and equipment hassles. 

Say hello to safety, minimal environmental impact, and complete control over the care of your lawn. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of robotic mowing?
It makes it easy to have a healthy, manicured lawn. Once it's installed the robotic lawn mower ensures that your lawn is cut without any involvement from you. Whether you’re at home or away, your lawn will be well-maintained. You'll never worry about mowing again.

Do I need to be tech savvy to use it?
Not at all. It's as simple as operating a mobile phone. Once in use, the robotic mower can be left alone to do its job. Although you can make timely schedule changes from our app on your mobile device. 

Are robotic mowers quiet?
This is one of its primary features. You can operate the mower without disturbing yourself or the neighbors, even at night!

Are robotic mowers good for the environment?
Yes. Since they run on batteries, there are no emissions generated. Plus, the energy consumption is extremely low.

How are robotic mowers installed?
Metro Lawns is a factory trained and certified contractor that takes care of the installation for you. This includes burying the perimeter groundwire to proper specifications. That boundary wire determines the mower parameters and its home base for security purposes.

How much does a robotic mower cost?
This depends on the size of your property and any special conditions such as excessive slopes. Metro Lawns offers comprehensive packages and monthly rates for nearly every budget. 

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